As the call, so the echo.

I’m blue da ba de da ba di #friends #bf #blue

I’m blue da ba de da ba di #friends #bf #blue

Lol  #hearingaids #audiology

Lol #hearingaids #audiology

Prayer Of Personal Forgiveness


A friend shared this prayer with me today…

Please know you can use the word Creator, Goddess, Divine Mother, Source, Infinite Light, Universe… whatever is most meaningful to you

I Bless This Day And Give Thanks For My Life
God, I Am Your Child, Your Humble Child

I Give You My Love And Thank…

Thank you.


I open my tumblr and the first thing i found is like 10 stupid questions about my personal life. I guess somebody is stalkin’ me and that freaks me out. (I haven´t been here since 2 years i guess)

Chris Hemsworth shows a muscular and fit body by the pool in Sydney
June 17, 2012

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